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Regulatory aspects of 3D-printed surgical implants

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A very interesting article was recently published which highlights the regulatory aspects of custom made 3D-printed surgical implants.   Challenges in the design and regulatory approval of 3D-printed surgical implants:…

Publication on the Clavicula Pin

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Inspired by the Clavicula Pin project our partner Paul Hoogervorst proposed to create a paper from our initial mechanical validation approach using the DSEM (Delft Shoulder and Elbow Model). This…
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Stimulering grote innovatieprojecten

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Ontwikkeling injecteerbare hydrogel Stimulering grote innovatieprojecten EFRO OP-Oost 2014-2020 Projectschets: ontwikkeling injecteerbare hydrogel Artrose meest voorkomende chronische aandoening. Artrose is de meest voorkomende chronische reumatische aandoening. Hierbij wordt het kraakbeen…
NPO radio 1 Baat Medical Roel Custers Radio Arthrosave Cartilage Baat Medical, Floris Lafeber, Jan de WIt

Herstel kraakbeen als succesvol alternatief voor knieprothese

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Herstel kraakbeen als succesvol alternatief voor knieprothese Het UMC Utrecht een nieuwe behandeling ontwikkeld waarmee kraakbeen in de knie kan worden hersteld. Dat kan ervoor zorgen dat een knieprothese met…
Medical device innovation Reddot Design awards

Design awards

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Several of the products we developed in collaboration with our partners received design awards: • IF Design award for the Ottobock Heel Relief Orthosis • Reddot award for the JuzoPro…
Baat Medical Engineering Knee Orthosis Joint.

The Swing Phase Lock knee joint

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The Swing Phase Lock, an innovative knee joint for knee orthotics that we developed for one of our customers. Its working principle is explained in this video. Would you like…

Some of our results

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Are you interested in some the Orthopaedic and Orthotic products we developed for our customers? Here you can find some of our results. Besides the focus on the Orthopaedic and…

Arthrosave – Publicatie in de Volkskrant

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Trots op een publicatie in de Volkskrant over de Arthrosave, een product dat we in opdracht van UMC Utrecht gemaakt hebben. De Arthrosave is een kniedistractor die ervoor zorgt dat…

Gannet Implant – scientific publication

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Another scientific publication on the Gannet Implant that we developed (a Dynamic Locking Blade Plate for femoral neck fractures). Hereby, a short English translation of the Italian article. Title: Our…


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Not all innovations make it to market. There is even a Museum of Failure that shows a multitude of failed innovations. The main idea behind this museum is to learn…