Publication on the Clavicula Pin

Inspired by the Clavicula Pin project our partner Paul Hoogervorst proposed to create a paper from our initial mechanical validation approach using the DSEM (Delft Shoulder and Elbow Model). This paper has now been accepted in the Clinical Biomechanics journal.

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  • The highest forces were simulated along the x-axis, increasing to 118 N during abduction.
  • The largest resultant moment simulated across the clavicle was 2.4 Nm during abduction and forward elevation.
  • Forces in opposite direction along the y-axis were identified on either side of the conoid ligament.
  • Similar forces and moments during activities of daily living were identified irrespective its sagittal plane.
  • The forces and moments during activities of daily living activities occur at different locations on the clavicle.

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