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MedTech Startup Event with Baat Medical

Baat Medical, Flux Robotics and NBSO Los Angeles joined a delegation of one of the top-ranked medical institutes in the US – Cedars-Sinai to discuss supporting MedTech startups internationally.

Baat Medical Device MedTech presentation

Rens Dommerholt, Isabelle Duteweerd (Novel-T), and Gert Nijenbanning (BAAT MEDICAL) discussed their goals of  delivering quality healthcare services and supporting MedTech startups internationally.

Flux Robotics hosted the event and talked about his experience in medical innovation. An introduction into what Flux is focusing on in the medical (device) innovation field is told best by Christoff himself

They were joined by Sumit Mohanty (SonoMag) and Rutger Visser (3D Medical Support BV) – two promising MedTech startups in totally different stages of growth. Regardless of the development phase of a medical startup, they have a common goal: to improve the health status of our community, and to let patients and healthcare professionals Benefit (BAAT, Dutch word for Benefit) from innovative solutions.


The visit was part of a much broader public-private collaboration in the framework of the LSH Life Sciences & Health mission roadmap to the USA. Thanks to the NBSO Los Angeles, Peter Post, for initiating the contacts and Léonie Schuurmans, Task Force Health Care, for activating the network in The Netherlands.

Baat Medical collaborates with partners, customers and companies in many ways, on a broad level in the MedTech playing field.

Get in touch with Baat Medical to discuss FDA and MDR and CE topics you might face in the medical device playing field. Gary Antonius or Dymphy van der Wilk are happy to schedule a meeting.

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