Gannet Implant – scientific publication

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Another scientific publication on the Gannet Implant that we developed (a Dynamic Locking Blade Plate for femoral neck fractures). Hereby, a short English translation of the Italian article.

Title: Our preliminary experience in the treatment of femoral neck fractures with the Gannet plate

Methods: 17 patients, mean age 79,1yrs, mean FU 13 months. All femoral neck fractures, treated within 48hours.

Observations: low impact-fast surgery, 6-7cm lateral incision and mean of 25 minutes of surgical time. For the selected patients (elderly) it is a valid alternative to other devices for synthesis-surgical method, lateral insertion preserves head vascularization with respect to nailing systems;

valid for type 1 and type 2 Gardner, base head fractures, low compound degree fractures and lateral fractures with preserved lateral wall.

Results: very good, no relevant complications, full bearing at post-op and good functional recovery at 3 month post-op.


When your Italian is good enough you can find the full text here.


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Thesis: The Dynamic Locking Blade Plate; innovation in the treatment of femoral neck fractures.

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