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Trabecular Metal Cage

A 3D-printing process gives unprecedented design freedom. Multiple companies saw the opportunities this offers for spinal fusion and jumped on it. We validated the manufacturing route for 3D printing and designed multiple product lines of titanium 3D printed cages and accompanying instruments. We performed clinical evaluations, risk management, verification and validation and wrote documentation for the technical file. For some product lines BAAT is the legal manufacturer and handles operations, while for others we worked according to the customers quality management system and they got CE and FDA approval themselves.

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The Gannet hip fracture implant

Dr. Ariaan van Walsum was frustrated with his options for treating femoral neck fractures, and wanted to improve it. He came up with an idea for an implant that enables high rotational stability in a low implant volume. Starting with this idea, we developed the implants and instruments from idea all the way to documentation for regulatory approval. We now handle operations and the responsibilities of being legal manufacturer. In clinical practice, the use of this implant results in a 50% decrease of re-interventions.

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Gannet Surgical Instrument innovation | Baat Medical Engineering We bring medical innovations to market.
Baat Medical Engineering We bring medical innovations to market.

Hand orthosis

A brace company wanted to add an Epicondylitis (tennis elbow) brace to their portfolio, and asked BAAT to develop this brace. Thorough analysis of the hand dynamics in lateral epicondylitis resulted in a solution that brings the wrist into extension to allow rapid regeneration of the tendon structures. We developed an easy to assemble product and set up the series production. A clinical trial published in Clinical Orthopedics and Related Research showed pain reduction with this hand orthosis.

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Knee Orthosis Joint

A distributor identified a need that could not be covered with existing products. They wanted to provide a knee orthosis joint that blocks the knee while standing, while automatically allowing it to swing free during walking. This to resemble the natural walking movements of the patient and reduce side effects such as hip pain. BAAT designed an innovative locking and unlocking mechanism to fulfill this need. Customized reliability testing and cost-efficient tooling made this solution ready for market.

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Baat Medical Engineering Knee Orthosis Joint.

Other Medical Projects

With 40+ projects and many ongoing developments, we can not show all activities on this page. Don’t hesitate to contact us and request a full overview of past and recent cases and projects. We work with medical startups, hospitals, surgeons and engineers all the time: let us know what interests you have and we’ll be in touch. 

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