Our team of experts is specialized in the development of Orthopedic, Active implantable and Pharmaceutical Medical Devices. Since we started in 1999 we have done over 300 projects together with our customers. You can find some example products that we developed here.

Spinal implant body design created by a BAAT implant design engineer

Spinal Implants

Cages/ wedges/ screws

3D printed/ Expandable

PEEK/ Titanium


And more!

aorthopedic instrument stack-baat-medical-engineering-consulting

Orthopedic Instruments

Spine/ hip/ knee/ finger surgery

Insertion/ distraction/ revision

Reusable/ disposable

Tray design

And more!

Hip implant design for femoral neck fractures

Joint Implants

Gannet hip implant

Total hip replacement

Total knee replacement

And more!

Athrosave, a product from BAAT medical device r&d

External Fixation

Knee distractor

Bone pins

For the spine

Bone screws

And more!

Active devices

Motion platform

Implantable insulin pump

Medical vaporizer

Wearing time sensor

And more!

Baat Medical Engineering brings medical innovations to market. Commercial viability is a leading metric in medical device innovation succes.


Upper and lower extremities

Spine/ wrist/ knee/ hip/ ankle/ fingers

3D printed/ conventional machined

Fabric/ reinforced

And more!

Smart Mechanisms

Knee translation & rotation

Locks/ free motion

3D printed functional design

3D printed functional design

And more!

Medical Product Design | Medical Device Consulting | Medical Device Engineering

Other Implants

Clavicula trauma

Bone plates & pins

Osseointegration Femur Prosthesis


And more!

Other Projects

Motion platform

Raising aid

Staple stent/ medical stapler

Vascular prosthesis

And more!

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