Our team of experts is specialized in the development of Orthopedic, Active implantable and Pharmaceutical Medical Devices. Since we started in 1999 we have done over 300 projects together with our partners. You can find some example products that we developed here:

Spinal implant body design created by a BAAT implant design engineer

Spinal Implants

✓ Cages/ wedges/ screws
✓ 3D printed/ Expandable
✓ PEEK/ Titanium
and more!

Orthopedic Instruments

✓ Spine/ hip/ knee/ finger surgery
✓ Insertion/ distraction/ revision
✓ Reusable/ disposable
✓ Tray design
and more!

Hip implant design for femoral neck fractures

Joint Implants

✓ Gannet hip implant
✓ Total hip replacement
✓ Total knee replacement
and more!

External Fixation

✓ Knee distractor
✓ Bone pins
✓ For the spine
✓ Bone screws
and more!

Active devices

✓ Motion platform
✓ Implantable insulin pump
✓ Medical vaporizer
✓ Wearing time sensor
and more!

Baat Medical Engineering brings medical innovations to market. Commercial viability is a leading metric in medical device innovation succes.


✓ Upper and lower extremities
✓ Spine/ wrist/ knee/ hip/ ankle/ fingers
✓ 3D printed/ conventional machined
✓ Fabric/ reinforced
and more!

Smart Mechanisms

✓ Knee translation & rotation
✓ Locks/ free motion
✓ 3D printed functional design
✓ Expandable mechanisms
and more!

Medical Product Design | Medical Device Consulting | Medical Device Engineering

Other Implants

✓ Clavicula trauma
✓ Bone plates & pins
✓ Osseointegration Femur Prosthesis
✓ Bioresorbable
and more!

Other Projects

✓ Motion platform
✓ Raising aid
✓ Staple stent/ medical stapler
✓ Vascular prosthesis
and more!

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Our Customers about us

Pablo EnriquezBelfry Medical GmbH

“Successful products are not made only of great ideas; they require a good understanding of todays and tomorrows market environment. The INNOVATE process was very insightful. It helped us define and decide what is necessary to fulfil all stakeholders’ present and future requirements in order to have a high impact product and treatment. BAAT did a great job!”

Guntmar EisenEIT, a J&J company

“Thanks to the close collaboration of our engineers with the BAAT team, we could execute our development strategy as planned. We couldn’t have reached this level of success without them.”

Ariaan D.P. van WalsumTrauma Chirurg, MST Enschede

“Baat heeft gezorgd dat mijn idee werkelijkheid is geworden. Het draagt nu echt bij aan betere zorg voor de patient, en aan het gemak van chirurgen. Geweldig om samen te werken aan het realiseren van een innovatie. Ik kan Baat 100% aanbevelen aan chirurgen en ziekenhuizen die echt stappen willen maken.”

Dr. Hans-Joachim FischerWaldemar Link

“The engineering services of Baat really complements our own design process, while seamlessly integrating into our existing operations.”

Dr. Oliver HassBSN Medical

“Thanks to everyone at Baat medical involved in this project. We are very satisfied with your service (including performance, communication, and flexibility) and are looking forward to possible new collaborations.”

Katharina BarschSilony Medical

“I appreciate to work together with you and your company. At the end I’m happy with the outcome and I’m looking forward to the market launch.
I appreciate the support of you and your company with a lot of experience. Many thanks to you and your team.
I would be happy to start a new project in future together with you and I’m looking forward to our cooperation during market phase.”