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Your Medical Device on the Market? We make it happen! We are your Turnkey Service Provider to get Market Approval in a fast and cost effective way while you own your products' Intellectual Property.

How we do this?

  • Able to self-certify (CE mark medical device) up to Class IIb at two Notified Bodies | Read more >
  • 20+ years experience with Class I, IIa, IIb and III medical devices | Medical Device Consulting >
  • 30+ Products on the Market | Projects >
  • From idea to R&D to Operations to Legal Manufacturer, we handle it all | Services >

We are ready. Are you too?

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Our mission is to bring reliable medical devices to the market in a fast and cost-effective way for patients and society to benefit from. Did you know that the Dutch word BAAT translates into BENEFIT? Our mission is in our name.

We provide our customers with:

  • An ISO 13485 certified and MDR & FDA compliant way of working
  • Pre-validated Processes for Cleaning, Packaging & Sterilization
  • A broad Industry Network of Qualified Suppliers
  • Complaint Handling, PMS and PMCF services for your Product

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Reasons to outsource Medical Product Development

Speed to market

Baat Medical targets a 1-3 years time horizon.

Controlling Risk

Knowing the key influencing factors to look out for.

Lowering Costs

Expected vs potential revenue: building your business.

Some of our customers

MedTech Twente Baat Medical
4 November 2022

Small print matters | Lessons Learned from MedTech company BAAT Medical

Lessons learned from MedTech company Baat Medical: Small print matters Why we write on this…
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MedTech Fortilink-C TiPlus Surgalign Spinal Implant 2
28 October 2022

Spinal Implant Upgrades

Surgalign launches improved spinal implants With a broadened choice in sizes and a patented 3D-printed…
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9 September 2022

Baat Medical in the USA

BAAT Medical in the USA Gary Antonius represented BAAT medical during the September Dutch royal…
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Baat Medical Device MedTech presentation
19 August 2022

USA health sciences | Medical Technology Startups

LSH mission california | Flux Robotics and Baat Medical MedTech Startup Event with Baat Medical…
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medical device startups
12 November 2021

Tips for Medical Device Startups

Medical Device Startups come to Baat Medical Author: Ortho Spine News and Elizabeth Hofheinz, M.P.H.,…
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Medical Product Design | Medical Device Consulting | Medical Device Engineering
2 September 2020

ANSER Clavicle pin – FDA approval

The ANSER Clavicle pin received FDA approval. BAAT Medical is Legal Manufacturer.   Message from…
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Mondmasker ffp mondkapje
21 April 2020

Mondkapje | (FFP) Mondmasker – Fabrikanten

Ik kan mondkapjes en/of mondmaskers maken, wat nu? Een praktisch stappenplan voor nieuwe fabrikanten  …
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3D printed surgical implant
15 August 2019

Regulatory aspects of 3D-printed surgical implants

A very interesting article was recently published which highlights the regulatory aspects of custom made…
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Medical Product Design | Medical Device Consulting | Medical Device Engineering
18 July 2019

Publication on the Clavicula Pin

Inspired by the Clavicula Pin project our partner Paul Hoogervorst proposed to create a paper…
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hy2care-solution baat medical injectable hydrogel
26 April 2019

Stimulering grote innovatieprojecten

Ontwikkeling injecteerbare hydrogel Stimulering grote innovatieprojecten EFRO OP-Oost 2014-2020 Projectschets: ontwikkeling injecteerbare hydrogel Artrose meest…
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