This is the download section where you can find our certifications, patents, scientific publications, and whitepapers for your Medical Startup or other Medical Device Innovation related topics like PMCF. Feel free to contact us to receive updates on projects or other requests.


  • ISO 13485 certificate – Dekra pdf
  • Annex II certificate – Dekra pdf
  • ISO 13485 certificate – MedCert pdf
  • Annex II certificate – MedCert pdf


  • Gravity operated locking hinge pdf
  • Spinal implant with marker pdf
  • Full patent list

Scientific Publications

  • Femoral neck fractures pdf
  • Scoliosis correction pdf
  • Full publication list

White Papers

  • Value creation for orthopaedic start-ups pdf
  • Stappenplan voor mondkapjes-fabrikanten pdf
  • Outsourcing New Product Development pdf
  • Orthotic Product Development pdf
  • Cooperation with Hy2care pdf


  • Baat general brochure pdf
  • Start-ups brochure pdf
  • Company CV 2019 pdf
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