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Title Authors Year, Journal, Volume, Pages Download
Functional outcomes and complications of intramedullary fixation devices for Midshaft clavicle fractures: a systematic review and meta-analysis P. Hoogervorst, T. van Dam, N.Verdonschot, G. Hannink 2020, BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, 21:395 Download
Forces acting on the clavicle during shoulder abduction, forward humeral flexion and activities of daily living P. Hoogervorst, B. Bolsterlee, M. Pijper, A. Aalsma, N. Verdonschot 2019, Clinical Biomechanics, Volume 69, October, Pages 79-86 Download
La nostra esperienza preliminare nel trattamento delle frattur del collo del femore con placca Gannet P. Sicchiero, F. Quattrini, L. Ghidoni, G. Bellina, C. Ciatti, C. Fiazza, P. Maniscalco 2018, Aitog Oggi – Ottobre/Novembre Download
Displaced femoral neck fractures in patients 60 years of age or younger: results of internal fixation with the dynamic locking blade plate J.H. Kalsbeek, A.D.P. van Walsum, J.P.A.M. Vroemen, H.M.J. Janzing, J.T. Winkelhorst, B.P. Bertelink, W.H. Roerdink 2018, Bone Joint J. Apr 1;100-B(4):443-449 Download
Development of an Ankle-Foot Orthosis That Provides Support for Flaccid Paretic Plantarflexor and Dorsiflexor Muscles van der Wilk D, Reints D, Postema K, Gort T, Harlaar J, Hijmans JM, Verkerke GJ 2018, IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, May;26(5)1036-1045 Download
Patient centered development and clinical evaluation of an ankle foot orthosis, Thesis van der Wilk D 2017, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Print ISBN 978-90-367-9857-0, Electronic ISBN 978-90-367-9858-7
Low failure rate by means of DLBP fixation of undisplaced femoral neck fractures A.D.P. van Walsum, J. Vroemen, H.M.J. Janzing, T. Winkelhorst, J. Kalsbeek, W.H. Roerdink 2017, Eur J Trauma Emerg Surg; 43(4): 475–480 Download
Initial promising results of the dynamic locking blade plate, a new implant for the fixation of intracapsular hip fractures: results of a pilot study Roerdink WH, Aalsma AM, Nijenbanning G, van Walsum AD 2011, Arch Orthop Trauma Surg. Apr;131(4):519-24 Download
The Dynamic Locking Blade Plate; innovation in the treatment of femoral neck fractures, Thesis Roerdink, W.H. 2011, Universiteit Utrecht, ISBN 978-94-6108-152-0 Download
Biomechanical Evaluation of the Vertebral Jack Tool and the Inflatable Bone Tamp for Reduction of Osteoporotic Spine Fractures Sietsma MS, Hosman AJF, Verdonschot NJJ, Aalsma AMM, Veldhuizen AG 2009, Spine Volume 34, Number 18, pp E640–E644 Download
The dynamic locking blade plate, a new implant for intracapsular hip fractures: biomechanical comparison with the sliding hip screw and Twin Hook Roerdink WH, Aalsma AM, Nijenbanning G, van Walsum AD 2009, Injury, Mar; 40(3):283-7 Download
Design of a Rotational Hydro-Elastic Actuator for an Active Upper-Extremity Rehabilitation Exoskeleton Stienen AHA, Hekman EEG, Ter Braak H, Aalsma AMM, Van der Helm FCT, Van der Kooij H 2008, Proc BioRob’08, USA Download
Clinical effect of continuous corrective force delivery in the non-operative treatment of idiopathic scoliosis: a prospective cohort study of the triac-brace Gerben J. Bulthuis, Albert G. Veldhuizen, Gert Nijenbanning 2008, Eur. Spine J., Feb; 17(2): 231–239 Download
The influence of Endplate to Endplate Cement Augmentation on Vertebral Strength and Stiffnes in Vertebroplasty J. Steens, N. Verdonschot, A. Aalsma, A. Hosman 2007, Spine, V32:15 Download
Dampace: dynamic force-coordination trainer for the upper extremities Stienen AHA, Hekman EEG, Van der Helm FCT, Prange GB, Jannink MJA, Aalsma AMM, Van der Kooij H 2007, Proc. ICORR’07, the Netherlands Download
Freebal: dedicated gravity compensation for the upper extremities Stienen AHA, Hekman EEG, Van der Helm FCT, Prange GB, Jannink MJA, Aalsma AMM, Van der Kooij H 2007, Proc ICORR’07, the Netherlands Download
A Dynamic Extensor Brace Reduces Electromyographic Activity of Wrist Extensor Muscles in Patients With Lateral Epicondylalgia M. Faes, N. van Elk, J.A. de Lint, H. Degens, J.G.M. Kooloos, M.T.E. Hopman 2006, J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. Mar;36(3):170-8 Download
A new orthotic device in the non-operative treatment of idiopathic scoliosis Veldhuizen A.G., Cheung J., Bulthuis G.J., Nijenbanning G. 2002, Med. Eng. Physics ;24:209-218 Download
The iLLeD, design of an intramedullary leg lengthening device Aalsma A.M.M. 2000, Universiteit Twente, ISBN 90-365-1467-3
Design of an intramedullary leg lengthening device with a shape memory actuator Aalsma A.M.M., Hekman E.E., Stapert J, Grootenboer H. 1999, Technol Health Care. 7(6):461-7 Download
A biomechanical analysis of the vertebral and rib deformities in structural scoliosis Wever D.J.,Veldhuizen A.G., Klein J.P., Webb P.J., Nijenbanning G., Cool J.C. et al. 1999, Eur. Spine J. ;8:252-260 Download
Scoliosis redress Design of a force controlled orthosis, Thesis Nijenbanning G. 1999, Universiteit Twente, ISBN 90-36511925
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The Design of a TiNi Actuator in an Intramedullary Leg Lengthening Device A. Aalsma, E. Hekman, J. Stapert, H. Grootenboer 1997 Journal de Physique IV 07, C5-627-C5-631 Download